Smart contracts have made it possible to create and manage assets — both tangible and intangible — securely, privately, and at a low cost.

It is an innovative solution that securely stores the information in a decentralized way and with reduced costs. Accounting, supply chains and logistics or the entertainment industry - these are just some of the branches that can benefit from the rise of smart contracts and blockchain technology.

Smart contracts, this disruptive and innovative solution that securely stores the information for assets or value ownership management, are defined by some key unique advantages: transparency, security, automation, low costs, disintermediation and immutability.

Maybe one of the most important advantages of smart contracts is that thanks to the automatization process, third party involvement is no longer necessary, so mitigation and excessive bureaucracy become a thing of the past.

Now, Ethereum Smart Contracts are making this kind of crypto assets management possible through its Solidity programming language, that was created along with the Ethereum blockchain, with a syntax similar to the JavaScript code. dCipher provides smart contract development and deployment services, and also the end to end documentation, according to the project phases.

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